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Archive for October, 2008

October 31

St. Paul Teachers Vote Against Statewide Health Plan

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The St. Paul Teacher’s Union recently voted not to accept a statewide health plan instead of their current district sponsored plan. While the new plan would have offered lower premiums and saved the district money, teachers found issue with the new plan not covering older children, ages 19 to 25, who were not enrolled in [...]

October 30

Women Pay More than Men For Health Insurance

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Women are more likely to utilize their health insurance, what with pregnancy and other typically female medical requirements, which leads health care to be more expensive for women than for men. However, even individual policies that exclude maternity care are strikingly higher for women than for men. Apparently, the opinion among insurance providers is that [...]

October 29

Pet Insurance Comes Across the Ocean

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Launched in the UK and previously avalailable in Pennsylvania, the well respected PetPlan Pet Insurance is now available in New York and Connecticut as well. The number one rated pet health insurance provider in the nation for service and customer satisfaction covers more than 40% of UK’s insured pets. As veterinary fees rise and more [...]

October 28

Health Insurance Companies Are The Enemy

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In a poll asking Americans who is to blame for the rising costs of health care, the majority of fingers pointed to the health insurance companies. 41% of adults polled feel that they companies are the enemy, while far fewer blamed the drug companies, government, hospitals, and physisians. Also demonstrated in the findings, was that [...]

October 27

US to See Overhaul in Health Care

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The United States is the only developed country without a Universal Healthcare system in place. Since WWII, when wage caps led to employers offering health insurance benefits to compete for workers, the employer provided health care system has been the backbone of our country’s insurance needs. Despite which candidate wins the coming election, this system [...]

October 23

Should Healthcare for Children be Mandated?

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Recent studies point to many situations in which an insured parent has a child or children without insurance, due to prohibitive cost. Of course, the reverse is more often true, where the child has coverage through a publicly funded program while the parent remains uninsured. Still, there are millions of children in this country who [...]

October 22

Are the Insurance Companies Themselves to Blame For the Health Care Crisis

Posted by admin
Filed under Health Insurance Tips | 4 Comments

While everyone’s attention is on the two presidential candidates and their opposing ideas on how to fix the health care system, perhaps our attention should be on the insurance companies themselves. It won’t matter if McCain gives everyone money to buy a policy if that policy has such high deductibles that people lose money in [...]

October 21

Children Are More Often Uninsured

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Strange finding reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association show that children are more likely to be uninsured than their parents, even if one or both of their parents actually has coverage. This phenomenon seems to be more prevelant in low/middle income families, hispanic families, and families who are covered with publicly funded [...]

October 20

NC Opens the Pool

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In Raleigh, NC the pool is open for people without insurance through an employer and who cannot get an individual policy due to preexisting medical conditions. Those taking advantage of enrolling during this period will begin coverage in January of 2009. The pool was created in 2007 as an effort to help insure thousands of [...]

October 17

Blue Cross Looking to Cut Costs

Posted by admin
Filed under Individual Health Insurance | 1 Comment

Fearing the further deterioration of the employer-based health care system, Blue Cross and Blue Shield is looking to cut costs wherever it can in order to be more competitive. Without plans for layoffs, the large insurance provider is instead looking at improving productivity through the use of advanced technology and allowing some employees to work [...]