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Archive for April, 2009

April 6

Medicare for All

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Obama has made a number of promises both during and after his quest for the presidency, and now that he is in charge, Americans are waiting anxiously to see which promises he will be able to deliver on. One of the most pressing issues is that of health insurance. Especially given the current economic situation [...]

April 3

Frighteningly High Numbers of Uninsured in California

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For one of the most “progressive” states in many respects, California still suffers a problem plaguing much of the nation today, namely health care. Analysis of recent Census Bureau data shows that more than 1 in 3 California citizens went without health insurance at some point over the last two years. The majority of these [...]

April 1

Reform Efforts in the Making

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The insurance industry has made some concessions and the chairmen of five legislative committees have come to a consesus on the basic issues of legislation, so it looks like health insurance reform is making its first major steps. Some of the major aspects of agreement include the idea that everyone should be required to carry [...]