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July 24

Advisory Council choose how Medicare pays

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Obama is suggesting handing over the authority to a medical advisory council to help choose the amount of coverage that

The Obama direction is suggesting an interesting proposal to give a medical advisory council the authority to help choose the scope of coverage that would be appropriate for reimbursement under Medicare.

Administration officials say that this council would make health care quality better and control health insurance costs. But some health care industry assemblies object to the suggestion. They state that this particular council would not be qualified to make those types of decisions.

This council would be made up of of doctors and health care experts who make suggestions based on collected data and analysis of the best health care practices.

They believe the approach would improve care and get rid of some unnecessary spending by doctors who are now paid separately for each visit and procedure. Instead, this council could suggest, an inclusive approach to treat a patient with chronic condition.

The council’s recommendations would then go to the commission overseeing Medicare to determine the specific procedures and the actual reimbursement amount. What do you think? Will this medical advisory council work to help the insurance reform?

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2 Responses to “Advisory Council choose how Medicare pays”

  1. Bud L on July 26th, 2009 at 10:03 am

    Certainly denying procedures will save $$’s. It will also dramatically alter the quality of life for seniors. Why give them any health care at all? Use the savings to insure and treat children and illegals. And these people seriously want to get reelected?

  2. Watch Dog on July 30th, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    It appears the Obamacare with it’s “Medical Advisory Council” is the start of Health Care Rationing … the beginning of Euthanasia for
    seniors and the disabled …. this is the unspoken part of how Ombama and the Progressive’s intend to cut health care costs.

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