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April 24

Health Insurance Tips on Americans On The Board for Change

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A recent phone poll conducted by Healthcare for America Now found that the overwhelming majority of Americans are ready to embrace a major change and take health insurance tips in the structure of our nation’s health insurance industry. Almost 75% of the 800 citizens├é┬ápolled randomly via telephone supported the idea of a choice between public and private health insurance. 15% were in favor of an all private system and 9% showed support for an all public system. While much of the argument against Obama’s proposal to provide public and private options side by side centers on the unfair advantage public plans would have, about 60% of those polled felt that the competition would positively affect the efficiency and value of private insurers who would be forced to shape up, or lose out. And suprisingly, 60% of those polled stated that additional taxation would be acceptable if it meant that affordable, quality healthcare would be available for everyone and not just the privileged. It seems that America has softened to the idea of socialized healthcare, is this the right path for America to take?

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One Response to “Health Insurance Tips on Americans On The Board for Change”

  1. Jackie Smith on April 26th, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    Great tips on health insurance. I am currently in a struggle myself… I have a policy and the rates keep going up every quarter by like 12%. Is there a way to lock in health insurance premiums for like 5 years? I’m not sure how I can expect to keep paying for this junk. What is a person to do?

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