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February 17

America’s Changing Attitudes Toward Healthcare

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Back in the late 70′s and early 80′s, the idea of universal healthcare did not resound with the American public. Perhaps the fact that having the government as a single payer source of health insurance sounded too much akin to socialism was enough to turn most people off of the idea. However, as our current system continues to deteriorate and generally fail us, the idea suddenly doesn’t sound so bad. It seems as though the tides have turned, and more than half of Americans polled today say they would be in favor of the government taking over our nation’s health care. Perhaps if our system was working, the nation would not be willing to embrace such as change. But in these desperate times when any change seems like a good one, is universal health care really the right way, or is it just different enough that America is willing to pin its hopes on it?

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