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December 5

An Outline of Obama’s Health Insurance Plan

Posted by admin
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Obama championed major reform during his campaign and has some very ambitious ideas about how to impart these changes. An outline of his proposed reforms include assisting people with aqcuiring coverage via the private insurance industry with stricter standards and guidelines to control insurance companies. He would require employers to either offer insurance to employees, or contribute to a fund which would help pay for everyone to access healthcare. He would require that all children be covered, as well as expand government based programs such as Medicaid as well as allowing youths to remain covered under their parents’ policy until the age of 25. He is planning to champion preventative care and routine screenings and deny insurance companies the right to exclude coverage based on preexisting conditions. While all of these things sound great, what do you think is the feasibility of it coming to pass, as well as the cost?

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One Response to “An Outline of Obama’s Health Insurance Plan”

  1. Penisa on December 29th, 2008 at 10:34 am

    dangerous space for buddy. trust to get more from your side :)

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