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May 17

Californian governor commits to US health care bill

Posted by Mahir
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California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has pledged his state’s support for national health care reform in the US.Schwarzenegger’s influence means that one of the nation’s most prominent Republicans is now behind an overhaul promoted by Democrat president, Barack Obama. Schwarzenegger said he had long supported the concept of universal health coverage, and had, in 2007, proposed a $14.7 billion overhaul of California’s health care system.

The health care bill, promoted by the president, has caused a deep political divide in the US and has thrown up the prospect of failure because of Republican concerns over cost. During a news conference at a University of California, Governor Schwarzenegger said it was time to set politics aside and start implementing the new law, even if state budgets became strained.

He said: “The plan is not without flaws. But it is a good law. And it is the time for California to move ahead with it, thoughtfully and responsibly.”

Schwarzenegger’s comments have marked a change from earlier this year when the US Senate passed its watered down version of the health care bill, which was signed by the president. Schwarzenegger was critical of some provisions in the bill which appeared to give some states additional money to ensure votes. According to Governor Schwarzenegger, his state, which currently faces a $20 billion deficit over the next year, will be hit with a further $2 to $3 billion a year, when the California health insurance reform measures go ahead.

He said California would take several immediate steps to begin implementing the federal plan, including the formation of a health care reform task force.  The steps will also include cooperating with the federal government to operate high-risk coverage for people who have been refused it in the past, and the development of a purchasing pool so small businesses and individuals can shop for health insurance at competitive rates.

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