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May 1

College Kids and Health Insurance

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It used to be fairly standard that college aged children headed off to the University in the fall after their highschool graduation were still securely covered by their paren’t health insurance plan. In some cases this remains the same, as kids can remain on most parent’s plans until the age of 23 or even 25 in some cases, as long as they remain a full time student. However in this age of unemployment and so many uninsured, many parents are unable to provide their college kids with this coverage. This may prove especially problematic as Universities consider making health insurance mandatory among their students. If parents are having trouble insuring themselves, how will these students afford individual health insurance, and the cost of college? Will a greater number of potential scholars lose the opportunity to obtain a degree? How will these young people get jobs in a world where you must have college credentials to even get an interview in most cases?

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