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October 15

Competition Aims to Solve Health Care Crisis

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The X Prize Foundation has announced that it will present 10 million dollars to the person who can come up with a solution for reforming the health care system in America. The same group is responsible for the first privately manned trip to space through a similar contest in 2004. This time, they have teamed with insurance company Wellpoint, Inc to tackle one of the county’s most daunting problems. They expect the contest to roll out sometime next year and take several years to complete. Do you think there is value to this, or is it frivilous to think that such a contest could solve this enormous problem? Read more here

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One Response to “Competition Aims to Solve Health Care Crisis”

  1. Fern on October 15th, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    Not frivilous at all. It will probably take someone with no political ties to figure out a solution to this mess.

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