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December 15

Filling the Void

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Quick care clinics, such as those found in retail facilities such as Publix and Walgreens, seem to be filling a void between primary care physicians and emergency rooms. For people with an illness not severe enough for an ER, but too severe to wait days to be seen by a PCP, these clinics are just the answer. Excepting most forms of insurance, they can diagnosis conditions such as bronchitis, prescribe medication, and even have it filled right on the spot. They are a faster, far less expensive alrternative to the ER and can be a life saver to those who are faced with waiting on a list to be seen by their normal doctor. The trend has caught on in Southern Florida, along the Treasure Coast and other nearby areas. Do you think more of these types of clinics will spring up around the country to meet a definite need?

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