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April 9

Georgia Attorney General scorn Suit on Health Care

Posted by Mahir
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ATLANTA â?? across the country including 14 states, attorneys general has filed lawsuits demanding the constitutionality of the current federal health insurance renovate. But here in Georgia, the self-governing attorney general has declined. Now that position has led to calls from Republican politician for his impeachment.

Thirty-one Republicans in the state legislature signed a resolution calling for the impeachment of the attorney general, Mr. Baker. Mr. Baker is also a Democratic applicant in the race, predictable to be closely fought, to succeed Gov. Sonny Perdue, a Republican, who is prohibited by law from seeking a third term.

Mr. Perdue told that he would get around Mr. Baker by appointing a special attorney general module a pro bono lawyer or legal team to challenge the constitutionality of the Georgia health insurance acts on Georgiaâ??s behalf. The governor said he believed the act violated the Constitution by requiring many citizens to buy health insurance from private firms.

The top-ranking Republican to sign it was the majority whip, Edward Lindsey. Most lawmakers have not publicly expressed a view on the resolution.

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