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December 31

Government to Control Your Health Care?

Posted by admin
Filed under Health Insurance | 2 Comments

Obama made many promises in his recent campaign to become president. One of the most critical was the promise to reform the decidedly broken health care system. While during the campaign he declared that people happy with their coverage would be able to keep it with only lowered premiums, that may not remain the case. After choosing Tom Daschle to be head of health and human services, and essentially lead the reform movement, Obama may have cancelled out that promise. Daschle intends to create a Federal Health Board that would serve to review procedures and treatments and determine their efficacy and value. This means that if a treatment is deemed to expensive to be worth the benefits it may provide, the treatment will not be allowed to continue. This means that many expensive, experimental, but potentially life saving treatments could be suspended. This also equates to a fundamental lack of control among doctors and patients, being unable to make the choice themselves. While this board may succeed in reducing overall medical costs, will the price in freedom and potential life saving be too high?

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2 Responses to “Government to Control Your Health Care?”

  1. Bud L on December 31st, 2008 at 1:16 pm

    Yes. How many rules will need to be wriiten, how many what (nurses/trained medical professional, etc.) will have to be hired to administer and enforce those rules, what penalties will be applied? Will our prisons be filled with doctors? Ah, the Age of Regulation!

  2. Kirsten on December 31st, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    I don’t think the goal of the board is to minimize expensive investigative treatments etc. I believe the goal is to prevent people from abusing the system (going to the ER for non emergencies, obtaining drugs they shouldnt be on etc.) and to keep an eye on the doctors to make sure they are making decisions that are in the best interest of their patients and not their pockets.

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