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December 12

Health Insurance Integral to Economic Recovery

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Obama championed health care reform as one of his most important issues in his recent campaign. However, he is not the first politician to make large promises, as many have done so before, and failed to deliver. However, Obama feels that health insurance reform is not a seperate issue from the economic crisis, but integral to it. With millions of Americans without insurance, causing higher costs in emergency rooms and a greater number of people unable to pay their medical bills, and health care costs rising dramatically among those who can still access it, the situation has become an emergency. An emergecny which can no longer be ignored. Obama feels that the problem must be addressed in order to remedy the economic woes which face our country today. Will he be able to deliver on his promises, and be different from all those who came before, simply based on the fact that the country has no choice but to change? Learn more at this health insurance blog.

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