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June 14

Health Insurance Rates Are Going To Increase

Posted by Mahir
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Julie Peters- A report was just released by the Health and Human Services that consumers are going to be facing a steep hike for health insurance rates. In some states companies have been trying to raise monthly premiums by as much as 56%. To help myself try to avoid this, I have been trying to take better care of my health. I even found a great health supplement that so far has been working very well for me. It is all natural and helps me make sure I’m giving my body the nutrients it requires on a daily basis. If you would like to check it out for yourself you can look here.
This report will bring President Obamaâ??s heath care reform bill back into the forefront. This bill would lower health insurance rates for many people. The government would be able to watch for increases that were out of the norm.
WellPointâ??s Anthem Blue Cross in California was proposing an increase of as much as 39% for its customers. After people became aware of the proposed rate hike the company received so much backlash from consumers that they decided last week to hold off on any rate increase for the time being. In a statement released by the company they defended their proposed increase in health insurance rates by citing increasing medical costs and a client base that is getting older.
The people most affected by a rise in group health insurance premiums are the consumers that are not covered by employment plans. They are purchasing their own health care plans. This is the minority of health care companies clientele but the have faced the steepest rise in premiums. The democratic health reform bill will be able to help individuals and small businesses with potential discounts towards their health insurance rates.
Heath and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, when interviewed by reporters commented, â??We think it shines a light on the urgency for health reform.â?

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