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July 16

House and senate feeling the pressure of health care

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Republicans complain that legislation is moving too swiftly with the proposed health care changes. President Barack Obama tried to convince the Republicans to encourage the revamping of the United States health care industry. Republicans anticipated very little success with their endeavors to modify a tedious plan written by democrats. Their goal was to finish the modifications this week. With the significant changes that are being introduced I believe that the congressional committees should take their time and dissect all ramifications of the new health care plan. The senate and house are receiving a lot of pressure from the president to finish the revisions on health care before August. This will give the overhaul a great chance of becoming a law by October. What are your thoughts? Could rushing through the revisions and implementing a new plan cause unforeseen problems?

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One Response to “House and senate feeling the pressure of health care”

  1. Bud L on July 17th, 2009 at 8:36 am

    These people are out of control. And clueless. It’s like the Germans rolling into Eastern Europe crushing liberty in the name of their own power grab. “The overhaul” has been has been pondered for 20 years and remains purplexing. Yes take time to think everything through and discuss the ramifications. I get the feeling that the 2010 State of the Union Address has already been written and the President is primed to feel the love. There is a huge backlash brewing in this kind of governance.

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