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April 10

How Much Power Should the Government Have Over Health Care

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The debate is raging over what direction health care reform should take in the coming year. There is no question that a change must be made, as costs cannot continue to climb unchecked as they have been without resulted in a complete collapse of the health care system. The debate right now is centered on whether the government should be in control and offer a Medicare type health insurance system for the non-elderly which would compete with private insurers and drive down prices. Private insurers are afraid that this will drive them out of business, as they cannot compete with the government’s size and power to obtain lower rates. Hospitals and providers are fearful also that based on the rate of reimbursement for Medicare, at 80-85%, that without a private insurance market to overcharge and make up for a lack in profit from Medicare members, they to will be driven out of business. Some feel that there should be some system in place to encourage free market competition which would help lower prices and control spending but without driving anyone out of business. Do you think such a system can exist?

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