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November 17

Insurance Myths and Realities

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Life is fraught with misconceptions, myths that we hold as truths simply due to lack of information or understanding. The issue of health insurance is no different. A number of myths surround the industry, mostly because people are lacking knowledge or do not want to deal with it. One myth is that people without health insurance don’t have jobs. This is largely untrue, with large numbers of working families being unable to afford coverage due to high premiums. Another myth is that all low income families can qualify for a government provided health plan. This is also largely untrue, as most of these programs have strict cut offs and require participants to have an extremely low income. People also think that they can always buy a private plan, but prexisting conditions can often prevent this. Some feel that you shouldn’t buy health insurance until you need it. This is like waiting to buy car insurance after you wreck your car. Also, many feel that there is no need to worry if they are healthy and have no insurance. Why is this not true? What are some other misconceptions you find among your clients?

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