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December 8

Should a Health Insurance Provider pay more?

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Denver, Colorado – legislatures are looking at major reform in the realm of health care. Among the ideas for improving the situation is to pay primary care doctors more. Considering that they come out of medical school with as much as $200,000 in debt and they provide a much less expensive alternative to emergency room care, experts say that paying them as much as $100,000 more will save the state massively in terms emergency room costs. Proponents say that they have been underpaid for a decade, which has led to a deficit in the number of primary care physicians, which leads to longer waiting lists for being seen and treated, and drives people to use the much more costly emergency room instead. Do you think that enticing more doctors into the field of primary care will help in reducing costs and increasing the availability of care? What are health insurance carriers going to do? Cost of healthcare is on the rise. We need help!

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