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May 21

More risky fitness insurance pool

Posted by Mahir
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Governor Charlie Crist will leave it to the Obama administration to run the federally subsidized high risk health insurance plan that is to cover citizens unable to buy such insurance in the private market due to pre-existent situation such as diabetes or tumor.

In a letter late Friday to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Crist said he agreed that states and the federal government must help in increasing health care for Americans but said unluckily Florida is not in a place to authorize new fiscal duty. We are in the process of balancing our funds on the final day of the 2010 legislative session, he wrote. As governor of Florida, I cannot assign any state resources to join in the federal temporary high risk health insurance program. However, I understand you can create a new high risk pool at the federal level, where qualified Floridians can join. We stand ready to assist you he added.

In this previous month, Sebelius sent a letter to all 50 state governors and insurance commissioners, requesting a answer by April 30 indicating whether they would set up their own federally subsidized high-risk pools for people who can not purchase insurance because of preexisting situation. Regardless of who runs the pools, the Obama administration has promised a 5 billion dollar 1 time subsidy to assist make the insurance not to expensive. Each states share would be based on population and need, not on who would run the pools, an HHS spokeswoman said Friday. Florida share of the $5 billion is $351 million.

The baseline is that all Americans who meet the eligibility standard will have the chance to join a high risk pool agenda, Jenny Backus, acting assistant secretary for public affairs, wrote in an HHS Blog post Friday.
At the end of the Friday, thirty three state governors had replied to Sebelius, with twenty two saying they want to set up their own federally subsidized health insurance pools and eleven saying they will let the federal government do it, a representative for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said.

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