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May 21

More risky fitness insurance pool

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Governor Charlie Crist will leave it to the Obama administration to run the federally subsidized high risk health insurance plan that is to cover citizens unable to buy such insurance in the private market due to pre-existent situation such as diabetes or tumor. In a letter late Friday to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen [...]

May 17

Californian governor commits to US health care bill

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California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has pledged his state’s support for national health care reform in the US.Schwarzenegger’s influence means that one of the nation’s most prominent Republicans is now behind an overhaul promoted by Democrat president, Barack Obama. Schwarzenegger said he had long supported the concept of universal health coverage, and had, in 2007, proposed [...]

May 11

Health Insurance Quote

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Affordable health insurance is a way of protecting oneself in case of illnesses or injuries. A health insurance is a lawful accord between the insurance provider and the buyer in which the insurance provider promises to hold up the medical operating cost of the consumer. It covers medical expenses occurred such as hospitalization, prescribed medicines, [...]

May 7

Health-reform effects to trickle down?

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By JONATHAN CLAYBORNE-  Somewhere, echoing among all the protest about health-care improvement is a busy reality: what happens on the ground as the measureâ??s key provisions take effect? That reality is complex and multi-faceted, though some aspects of the congressionally accepted program are directly clear. Itâ??s predictable that 94 percent of Americans will have health [...]

May 5

Health insurance news Alabama

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The State capital of Alabama Governor Bob Riley told now the state wonâ??t implement the central governmentâ??s new high-risk health insurance pool for citizens unable to get secret coverage. Friday was the closing date for states to decide whether to participate in that part of the latest federal health care graph. Riley advised Health and [...]

May 3

Health Care Reorganization Factors

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Health care reform has ushered in sweeping changes for employers and group health plans. Although many provisions will not take effect until 2014 or later, a number of provisions take effect this year and in 2011. Employers need to know aboutâ??and prepare forâ??the changes that will have a more immediate impact on them and their [...]

April 29

Tough Arizona law puts immigration reform back on front burner in U.S.

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WASHINGTON – The long-simmering issue of immigration reform is on full boil throughout the United States with politicians in five states calling on their legislatures to pass Arizona-style immigration laws regardless of U.S. President Barack Obama’s concerns about civil rights violations. While Mexico and civic leaders in liberal American cities have called for an economic [...]

April 27

Florida Insurance news Reform Could Happen This Week

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The Florida Senate has got its property insurance reform bill back on the track for the final week of the legislatuve session.After his bill became hung up in debate by amendments last Thursday, Sen. Garrett Richter ironed out some confusion on a timeline when homeowners would be paid on losses and also agreed to a [...]

April 23

Buying auto insurance?

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Most Floridians have had auto insurance since they’ve been on the road, but many may not fully know the ins and outs of coverage until they have to file a claim. But by then, it might be too late to learn that you’re uncovered — or undercovered — for certain liabilities. Insurance industry experts and [...]

April 21

How Do I Find Affordable Health Insurance?

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If you do not have health insurance through your employer, then you are at a huge disadvantage from a cost standpoint. We all know people who do not have insurance, and frankly, do not know how they can stand being in that position. But it appears to be all too common of a problem. If [...]