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November 20

Solution to all health insurance concerns

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The pharmaceutical and health insurance companies have spent billions on a half truths campaign meant to block any consequential health care reform. Contrary to their allegations, the health insurance reform bill that just passed the House of Representatives will make the access to and quality of health care more affordable for all Americans. If a person currently has coverage the legislation will improve it. Insurance companies cannot deny anyone with pre-existing conditions. They will not be allowed to cancel your policy or hit you why a huge renewal fee because you became seriously ill. There will be no hidden annual or lifetime caps or exclusion written in fine print. Finally deductible will be eliminated for preventative care. Will this new bill be the solution to all of our health insurance concerns?

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One Response to “Solution to all health insurance concerns”

  1. Bud L on November 20th, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    Let’s see. How about we pass a stimulus bill for $800B for “shovel ready” jobs. We’ll spend about 1/5th of it. Mostly to assist state govn’ts. We can spend the rest as we see fit. And we’ll have a huge warchest to “payoff” rercalcetrant democrats who really don’t support the health care bills or cap and trade but who will vote our way if we promise to fund projects in their districts. And we are supposed to believe that the current legislation before us is the best they can do.

    There are some things in it that are necessary and beneficial as noted above. But at what price? Or should I say price tag. From my point of view not only is it “bad legislation” but until Congress is ready to tacle tort reform I have absolutely no support for this agenda. Costs will continue to rise. And, since you can’t sue the Federal Government who wouldn’t want to “hide” under the wing of the public option. The speed with which this is moving and the mass confusion about its structure and reform measures is essentially an “I don’t care what it costs as long as I get to stay in power” grab. Hold onto your wallets!

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