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March 4

Taxing Health Benefits to Pay for Reform

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Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus has stated that while he would probably not support a complete elimination of tax free health benefits, he would certainly be willing to consider limits for the practice. The suggestion has been made, in spite of similar efforts made by presidential hopeful John McCain, to eliminate the tax break for employer provided health insurance. Right now, money employees earn which goes to pay for their health care is done so pre-tax, meaning they have more funds available to pay for perhaps a better plan than they might otherwise choose. Some feel that employees would be more frugal and choosy with their money if it were taxed, in addition to using that tax to help pay for health care reform which may cost trillions of dollars to the federal government. Others feel that this is too aggressive and may result in the further erosion of the employer provided health care system. How do you feel about taxing employee’s health insurance benefits?

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One Response to “Taxing Health Benefits to Pay for Reform”

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