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December 19

The Perfect Storm For Health Care Reform

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In an unprecendented way, the nation seems to be coming together toward the common goal of delivering health insurance reform. While there are the standard oppositions among industry leaders, a suprising number of congressman and lobbyists are banding together to not let the reform movement die. In this time of great economic hardship, people feel that an investment in the people of the nation will lead to a better future for everyone. There are a number of factors which seem to be pointing toward an inevetable change in the fundamentals of our health care system. One being that Obama has long championed reform as one of the most important aspects of his campaign, eclipsed only by improving the economy. However, he, and many others, feel that there is no way to fix the economy without fixing the health care system, as they are intrensically connected. Also, one of the most prolific and influential congressman is fighting a rare form of cancer and has made health care his personal crusade. We can also look to the failures of the Clinton administration for ways to prevent failure in the current attempt. Experts feel that the only reasons reform would fail this time would have to do with timing, money, and the ability for everyone involved to come to an agreement on what path to take. Do you think these factors will be enough to cause another failure, or will reform actually come to pass this time?

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