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December 1

Utah Health Insurance Pushes for College Students to be Insured

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For college students, who are often no longer able to get Utah health insurance through their parents, and do not have employment which will provide insurance, the struggle to pay for college and living expenses makes it prohibitive to budget a health insurance plan. For young and strong students who rarely or never see a doctor, they see the expense as unjustified and simply choose to go without. For many, this does not seem like a big issue. If I am healthy, they say, why do I ned insurance? What they do not consider, is that one major emergency or illness could wipe them out financially before they’ve even begun.  In Utah, legislators who see a high incident in injuries among the “young and invincible,” are pushing to have all college students covered under a plan. What do you think about this? How can we educate and improve the coverage among this age group, which is among the highest percentage of the uninsured?

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