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July 21

Wednesday is a big day for health reform

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Wednesday is the day that we hear the proposed solution to one of the biggest dilemmaĆ¢??s in the ongoing health reform discussion: how is this country going to pay for it. Everyone will be tuning in to see if President Barack Obama is successful on his commemorate domestic project. President Obama is hoping to deliver an opening statement by congratulating the Senate Finance Committee. He is looking forward to praising the committee for accepting the legislation that puts a decisive group of lawmakers on record solving the problem of how we are going to pay for this new health care restructuring plan. Will you tune in on Wednesday to monitor President ObamaĆ¢??s success or failure?

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One Response to “Wednesday is a big day for health reform”

  1. adam on July 21st, 2009 at 11:01 am

    I will definitely tune in to listen. After all, money is always the determing factor for politics. I am interested in seeing where we are going to get the money since we are already broke and suffering a huge deficit.

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