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October 30

Women Pay More than Men For Health Insurance

Posted by admin
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Women are more likely to utilize their health insurance, what with pregnancy and other typically female medical requirements, which leads health care to be more expensive for women than for men. However, even individual policies that exclude maternity care are strikingly higher for women than for men. Apparently, the opinion among insurance providers is that women are more likely to take advantage of preventative care, annual screenings, and are more likely to develope chronic conditions. Should women be punished for being more conscious about their health care, but taking advantage of preventative medicine? Or is this just the nature of the business?

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One Response to “Women Pay More than Men For Health Insurance”

  1. Affordable Health Insurance Quotes on November 8th, 2008 at 2:16 am

    Typically people who utilize their preventive benefits cost insurance companies less because their doctors catch conditions before they become severe and costly.

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