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November 10

You May Lose Your Job, But Don’t Lose Your Health Insurance

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In a time when employment is on the rise, many are fearing for their financial future as the possibility of losing their job looms. However, experts are encouraging people that despite the month to month burden of paying an insurance premium, it is worth it to protect yourself in the case of accident or major illness which could wipe out your finances completely. Some suggest to plan the coverage you have now in the case that you may have to pay for the more expensive COBRA coverage during unemployment. Law requires that COBRA be available to people who have lost their jobs for 18 months after seperation, but it is costly. COBRA of course is not the only option, some might qualify for an individual insurance plan, but it is subject to preexisting conditions and other factors. The bottom line though, no matter how much the cost, experts say it is worth the coverage. Do you agree?

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